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Need to Check Facebook from Your School? Three of the Latest Ways Around the Bans

Did you know that being banned from certain websites has now replaced slow modems as the issue high school students are most likely to report having with their school computers? Instituted bans on websites can have a detrimental impact on how easy it is to prepare for research and exams.

We often rely on Facebook, for example, to ask friends in our classes how they got a certain answer. And of course, sometimes we just want to catch up on messages instead of doing nothing in study hall. Whatever the reason, here are three ways you can attempt to get around Facebook bans.

1. Proxy Sites

Proxy sites have been around for almost as long as the internet. They basically act as a screen between you and the network, bypassing their controls by hiding the record of your activity. There are multiple proxy sites you can use, including,, and Unfortunately, bans have evolved alongside finding ways around them, so your best bet Continue reading…

I Just Cannot Get Enough Facebook How About You?

And welcome back to my Living Soical Blog everyone!

In case you do not remember my explanation from last week, the name with Social spelled correctly was taken, so I had to settle for the next best thing!

Anyway, this week is National Facebook Appreciation Week. Well, not officially. But I am trying to get it started. With your help and support we could see it double in size by next year! Before we do anything else, I want you to remember to go to you Facebook log in page, input your Facebook sign on, and head on over to Living Soical and like me! Because remember, I only have as much self worth as I have likes.

Next I want to introduce you to the NFBAW mascot. His name is Bookface. Well, yeah, he is only a bible with googly eyes glued to it. As this is only my second blog, the budget is a little lower than I would like. But be patient, because I am trying to get sponsors involved very soon. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, now that Bookface is here to help us celebrate, we have got to st Continue reading…

Tips On Retrieving Facebook Sign On Information

On the Facebook log in page, there is a place for Facebook sign on opportunities. This is specifically how you get into your own Facebook account. You have to have a username and a password to have access to your own Facebook account, and you ideally should keep this information private so you are the only one who has the capacity to access this information. Otherwise, anyone could get into your account and wreak havoc on it.

On the homepage Facebook has put into play for its millions of users, this accessibility is quite simple. It is similar in fact to other sites where you have to log in and include your password before getting into the actual site. It is the Facebook face, as many people like to call it, and it is the entrance into your own little special world of connecting with your friends or of gathering new fans as a commercial entity.

Of course, just like with any other log Facebook has its own set of protocols to kick you out of the system if you forget your password or yo Continue reading…

From Facebook To Living Social, Social Media Is Ubiquitous

Social media is ubiquitous in today’s world. It seems like everyone is on the internet these days, between Facebook profiles to twitter pages to site like bookfac. Today, social media sites have many different uses and could be used for a variety of different things.

For example, if you are interested in social media, you might look into Bookfac and Living Social. Living Social is a kind of social media site that offers daily deals for a variety of different products and services. Living soical can definitely be highly advantageous, providing you with access to great deals.

You might also look into social media bookmarking tools. The internet is full of interesting information, cool articles, and great content. However, sometimes after visiting an interesting page you forget about the content. Or even if you can recall the content, you don’t know where to find it again. That is why social media sites, particularly free bookmarking page tools, can be excellent options, helping you t Continue reading…